Dr. J. Vernon McGee

  • A Parable Snapshot on Prayer — Dr. J. Vernon McGee

    In the Gospel of Luke, our Lord uses a few brushstrokes to paint four portraits of prayer. They are simply snapshots to carry with you in your Christian walk. Put these snapshots to­gether for a composite picture of prayer.  Here’s one of the pictures.

    The Parable of Fatherhood

    In Luke 18:1, the Lord talked about how to live by faith in the last days. They’re difficult days, He said, when people’s hearts fail them for fear. This makes prayer all the more relevant for this hour. Jesus then told them a parable on the need for them to pray always and not become discouraged. He told a lot of parables, stories with a divine purpose. I believe Jesus never told a fictitious story when teaching a parable. When He told a story, the people knew exactly the situation He was talking about.